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Formerly in Tampa FL...... Piggyville is a private Cavy rescue and sanctuary in Swannanoa, NC USA. We've been taking in guinea pigs and looking after them for 25 years. We do not have any guinea pigs for adoption.

Welcome to Piggyville

Click here for Piggyville CAMWe are currently not accepting rescue piggies. Our caviary is full.

Also, we do not sell guinea pigs.

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If you can't look after your piggies, please don't dump your piggies with a vet or elsewhere!

Likewise, if you are looking to adopt a piggy, please contact a rescue shelter first, before buying from a petshop.

You can look for piggies at this link.

Many websites are often not up to date, so do not be discouraged if you do not see any guinea pigs listed. Call the shelter and get on their list of people wanting guinea pigs. They can also recommend other shelters that have guinea pigs for adoption.

You may also find the guinea pig you're looking for on Petfinders.

Measurements: Remember! 1oz = 28.4g (mass) and 1floz = 29.5ml (volume)